Wood Finish Mineral Oil: The 3 Best & How To Apply Them

Wood Finish Mineral Oil is a popular finish that many people use to protect their wood furniture. It’s easy to apply, and it prevents the wood from cracking or becoming damaged in any way. However, not all Wood Finish Mineral Oils are created equally. In this post, we will review the best Wood Finish Mineral Oil on the market so you can make an informed purchase decision when it comes time for your next furniture refinishing project style.

Summary Of The Top 3 Best Wood Finish Mineral Oil 

1. Watco Rust-Oleum A65741 Danish Oil Wood Finish, Quart, Natural 
2. Sikkens 899701 Interlux IVA290/QT Cetol Marine Light – Quart,1 Pack 
3. PureTung Oil Finish – Natural, Penetrating Tung Oil for Wood Finishing (16 oz) 

What Is Mineral Oil?

Mineral Oil is the generic term for petroleum oil. It is a non-toxic, colorless liquid that won’t evaporate or produce any dangerous fumes. It’s safe to use on wood furniture and it has a wide variety of other uses as well.

Benefits of Mineral Oils On Wood

1. Prevents cracking and splitting.  

Mineral oil fills in the tiny cracks inside your furniture so they become sealed over time (similar to how it works on the skin). It also prevents new splits or cracks from forming by keeping moisture out to prevent it to break. If you’re refinishing an old piece of furniture, this is extremely important.

2. Prevents mold growth

Wood that has been finished with Mineral Oil won’t get wet if water or other liquids are spilled on it (unless you let the wood soak up too much oil). This means there will be no way for harmful bacteria to form inside your chair!

3. Prevents other finishes from peeling or chipping

When you apply Mineral Oil, it seeps into the wood and forms a protective layer that can’t be peeled off like paint would (for example). This means your chair’s finish will last longer!

What to Look for in a Wood Finish Mineral Oil

When it comes time to buy your next jug of Wood Finish, make sure you’re getting the best product possible. Here are some things you should look out for:

  • Price

Quality mineral oils can be expensive! You want to pay as little money as possible while still buying something that will work.

  • Brand

Some brands of Mineral Oil are better than others! Make sure you’re buying from a company that specializes in wood care products and has been around for many years (and is willing to show you proof). A new or unheard-of company shouldn’t be your first choice when looking for the best Wood Finish Mineral oil on the market.

  • Also, Look Out For

1. Paraffin and Petroleum-based (NOT vegetable, almond oil, or linseed)

2. 100% Pure with nothing added to the ingredients list

3. Thin like water (not thick like syrup or paint)

4. Scented with an extremely light smell of oranges

Mineral Oil Used as a Wood Finish

Because mineral oil is a non-toxic, food-safe oil finish that is simple to apply and does not go rancid, it’s a popular alternative for mineral oils on wood products. Mineral oil, like other types of oil, leaches into the wood’s grain and offers some humidity protection. It also fills up the grain and tones down the wood’s natural hue.

How to Apply Wood Finish Mineral Oil

Mineral oil can be easily applied using a clean, lint-free cloth or paper towel and wiped onto the surface of your furniture in small sections at a time. Make sure you cover all sides (including underneath) with an even amount of mineral oil before moving on to another section!

How Long Does Wood Finish Mineral Oil Last?

Mineral oil can last up to a year or more on your furniture, depending on the amount of use it gets. If you’re using this as an alternative to paint (for example) then expect longer life with less maintenance required over time.

Mineral Oil Vs. Varnish

Mineral oil is a great option for woodworkers who are looking to seal their pieces without tinting them. Varnish, on the other hand, comes in many different colors and will always result in some type of coloration or film being applied to your furniture.

Application and Durability

Due to its blend of oil and varnish, an application of Danish oil will be long-lasting for many years. Varnish is a resin-based product that is produced by cooking oil with a resin to create a durable and hardening mixture. This enables Danish oil to be applied in less time and in fewer coats than tung oil.

Wood Finish Mineral Oil vs. Wood Stain: What’s the Difference?

Wood finish oil can be applied to all types of wood and is not harmful to the environment. Mineral oils come in different colors that may tint your furniture or leave a film on top of it. If you’re looking for one with color, opt for boiled linseed oil instead.

Food-grade Mineral Oil

The mineral oil that has been certified as “food grade” is safe to use on wood that comes into frequent contact with food, such as butcher blocks and wooden cutlery. Because the oil is still being treated, many woodworkers feel a cutting board surface isn’t really finished. Because Danish oil is a combination of chemical varnish and mineral oil, it should not be used on any wood products that come into contact with meals. In this case, raw tung oil is fully safe to utilize.

Wood Finish Mineral Oil Considerations

When deciding whether to use tung oil or Danish oil, woodworkers who are conscientious choose finishes that are suited for the material of the item in question, such as how often it will come into contact with people during its existence. Tung oil may be a superior option for items that are frequently handled by humans. For more aesthetic than practical reasons, Danish oil is the better choice for bringing out the color in woods.

How To Apply Wood Finish Mineral Oil

1. Apply oil to the surface of your wood with a clean cloth.

You can use either one tablespoon of mineral oil or three tablespoons, depending on how large is your surface area. While applying it you have to be very careful as this stuff spreads easily and if applied too thickly will form a sticky mess that won’t dry out properly.

2. Be careful, don’t use too much

If you want to apply it more precisely on some specific areas then put the oil on a small brush and do that. After applying all of it wipe off any excess with a clean cloth or paper towel. Let this first layer dry for six hours before reapplying another thin coat.

Mineral Oil Pros and Cons:


  • Minimal VOCs

Mineral oil is non-toxic and has a low odor, so it makes a better choice than many other finishes. Since it does not smell as strong as varnish or polyurethane, you may actually enjoy having the wood in your home without feeling sick from fumes.

  • Safe for food surfaces

Mineral oil is safe for food surfaces because it contains no toxic chemicals, compared to other wood finishes like varnish. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that if your kids spill something on the table or countertop it won’t be a health hazard! Cons of Using Mineral Oil


  • Takes forever to dry

Mineral oil takes a long time to cure and dry, which can make it difficult for woodworkers. This is not ideal if you are in a hurry or want the project finished quickly.

  • Low sheen

While mineral oil penetrates deeper than shellac and does create an attractive finish, its low sheens (between four and seven) are not as attractive or lustrous. However, if you’re looking for something that will be protective rather than decorative then this is the right choice of oil for your project.

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Top 3 Best Wood Finish Mineral Oils On Amazon

1. Watco Rust-Oleum A65741 Danish Oil Wood Finish, Quart, Natural

 Key Features

  • Penetrating oil finish for wood surfaces
  • For interior wood surfaces only (This is not for outdoor use)
  • Penetrates into the pores of the wood to seal and protect
  • Provides a natural finish with great depth
  • Can be used on furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, and trim
  • Resists water damage so it won’t crack, peel or fade
  • Non-toxic and food safe when dry

Product Description

Watco Danish oil is a penetrating oil finish that provides protection for wood surfaces. It penetrates into the pores of the wood to seal and protect while providing a natural deep-looking sheen. This product can be used on furniture, cabinets, doors, trim, or other interior wooden surfaces. The finish resists water damage so it won’t crack, peel or fade. It is also non-toxic and food safe when dry. This product is a great option for DIY enthusiasts or people looking to make their own finish.


  • Penetrates into the pores of your furniture.
  • Can be used on many different types of furniture.
  • Provides a natural finish that enhances your wood’s color and grain.
  • Resists water damage so it won’t crack, peel or fade.


  • It may take longer to dry than other products on the market.
  • Requires several coats for complete protection.

2. Sikkens 899701 Interlux IVA290/QT Cetol Marine Light – Quart,1 Pack

Key Features

  • UV protection and all-around wood finish
  • For use on exterior wooden surfaces only (This is not for interior use)
  • Has a very low sheen
  • Water-resistant and protects against fungus, mildew, moisture, etc.
  • Covers up to 16 sq ft per can (Actual coverage will vary)

Product Description

Sikkens Cetol Marine Light is a unique finish that combines the protection of Polyurethane with the low sheen of Cetol. The product is intended for use on exterior surfaces only and has a UV-resistant coating that will protect your wood against fungus, mildew, moisture, etc. while offering protection from sun damage. This finish can be used on many types of wooden furniture but also provides great results when applied to decks or steps etc. The product will cover approximately 16 square feet per can.


  • Provides a low-sheen look for your furniture.
  • Makes the color of your wood pop.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Great for exterior wood surfaces that are exposed to the sun.
  • Protects against fungus, mildew, moisture, and UV.
  • Covers about 16 sq ft per can so you don’t have to purchase multiple cans at once.


  • Not recommended for use on items like cutting boards or countertops that come into contact with food.
  • Requires several coats to achieve optimal results.
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3. PureTung Oil Finish – Natural, Penetrating Tung Oil for Wood Finishing (16 oz)

Key Features

  • All-natural oil finish that penetrates deep into the fibers of your furniture.
  • For use on interior wood surfaces only (This is not recommended for outdoor use).
  • Provides a natural look to unvarnished furniture.
  • Resists water damage and protects against stains, scratches, and heat.
  • Enhances the character of your wood by adding a low sheen (less than four percent).

Product Description

Pure Tung Oil is an all-natural oil finish that penetrates deep into the fibers of your furniture to enhance its natural beauty with minimal shine. This product is intended to be used on interior wood surfaces only and will resist water damage while providing protection against stains, scratches, and heat wear. It also enhances the natural character of your furniture by adding a low sheen. The finish provides good penetration so it won’t leave an oily surface that can attract dust or dirt.


  • All-natural oil finish.
  • Penetrates deep into the fibers of your furniture to enhance natural beauty with a low sheen.
  • Resists water damage and protects against stains, scratches, and heat wear.
  • Enhances the character of wood by adding a low sheen (less than four percent).


  • It May need several coats

Wood Finish Mineral Oils: Conclusion

In Conclusion, Wood Finish Mineral Oils are a versatile way to apply healthy nutrients and oils into wooden furniture as an added bonus it leaves the wood lovable. Sometimes people think they need special training in order to use these products but this is simply not true with most of the new formulations on the market today. It has been proven that over time this type of oil does not leave a film and will actually improve the beauty, color, and luster of your furniture appearance.