Can You Wax Over Polyurethane? Answer By A Pro

Best Wood Finish Paints

There have been discussions if one can wax over polyurethane. Some say it’s possible while others say it’s not recommended. Based on such information it can be difficult to tell which is the appropriate answer. But, Can You Wax Over Polyurethane? Yes, you can wax over polyurethane. Polyurethane is a durable and protective coating for … Read more

How to Remove Paste Wax from Furniture Like a Pro

How to remove paste wax from furniture

In your woodworking project, have you ever applied wax on a surface and ended up regretting it? I have, If you only want to know how to remove paste wax from furniture due to wearing out then you’re on the right path. Paste wax can only be applied to wood furniture to prevent it from … Read more

Wiping Stain Vs Penetrating Stain

Wiping stain vs Penetrating stain

If you’re looking to enhance the beauty and natural texture of wood, you may be considering using a wood stain. With so many different types of stains on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. When it comes to staining wood, there are several types of stains including: … Read more

Varnish vs Stain: A Comprehensive Comparison

How to Make Stained Wood Lighter Does Stain Lighten

Varnish and stain are two popular finishes for wood that can protect and enhance the appearance of wood. When it comes to choosing between varnish and stain, there are a few important factors to consider. This article will explore the differences between varnish and stain, the pros and cons of each, and the ideal use … Read more

How Long Should Deck Stain Dry Before Walking On It?

Do I Need to Remove Old Stain Before Re-staining a Deck?

It’s essential to give your newly stained deck enough time for the stain to penetrate deep into the wood. This ensures long-lasting protection and durability. But how long should the deck stain dry before walking on it? You’ll need to wait four to six hours for the deck stain to dry before walking on it. … Read more

Advantech vs Plywood: Which is Better?

Advantech vs plywood

In the world of building materials, there are two options that homeowners have when it comes to siding; Advantech vs plywood. While both can be a good choice for different reasons, Advantech is more durable than plywood due to its ability to withstand moisture in humid areas. On the other hand, plywood is less durable … Read more

MDO vs Marine Plywood: What’s the Difference?

MDO vs marine plywood

Different types of plywood are available in the market for your home improvement needs. One type that is quite popular is MDO which stands for Medium Density Overlay. This type of plywood has a number of benefits over other types, one being its durability and low maintenance requirements. But what about Marine Plywood? Is it … Read more